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Ibn Fernas: Unigaz Iraq’s Expertise in the Residential Sector
Being strong advocates for a sustainable way of living, Unigaz Iraq will be operating in Ibn Firnas Residential Compound. After previous successes working with large-scale residential areas in Iraq, our team of experts will be working on the installation and supply of internal and external LPG networks for a total of eight buildings of the Ibn Firnas project.

The project is located in Al Kerkh, Baghdad which consists of 44 building blocks. The space areas of the 704 apartments range from 120, 130, and 156 sqm. It will also contain schools, health centers, retail stores, and entertainment centers.

With our specialized team of expertise and constant assistance from start to finish, along with the support of the GFC, Unigaz is known to be the preferred partner and top supplier of LPG in the residential sector.

Unigaz Iraq is always striving to enhance the quality of living by providing its expertise in residential projects.

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