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Unigaz Abu Dhabi Webinars | The Future of Supply Chain Management
In a world of constant business growth and ongoing technological improvements, the need for effective supply chain management is elevating, as it is a key success factor for any business operation. However, despite its importance, the topic of supply chain management is not being tackled enough by the majority of businesses in the industry. 

For this reason, and to keep employees up to date about the digitalization trends happening in the business world, and particularly in the area of supply chain, Unigaz Abu Dhabi hosted several webinars that covered the most important topics contributing to efficient supply chain management practices. The first webinar, under the name of “Strategic Warehousing in Modern Supply Chain”, aimed at helping employees understand the aspects of having different warehouse ownership, as well as keeping track of the new technologies adopted in the field such as the use of QR codes for stored inventory updates thus increasing accuracy. To add on the information acquired from the latter webinar, and to shed the light on the importance of successfully implementing the right SCM strategies, “Effective & Efficient Shipping Operations” webinar was conducted to aid employees in grasping the different dimensions of SCM efficiency and effectiveness that can mitigate any possible interruptions in shipping operations. 

Moreover, to hedge supply chain-related risks, Unigaz Abu Dhabi conducted “Strategies to Overcome Supply Chain Disruption” webinar to introduce employees to the possible downturns that the SC industry is facing including shortages in material supply and equip them with the necessary forecasting and quality management skills needed to lessen the risks’ impact overtime.

Finally, and since procurement is one of the most significant branches of SCM, a webinar, “Prosperous Future with Modern Procurement” was done showcasing the importance of adopting and integrating digital procurement platforms to facilitate contractors’ transactions while saving time and reducing costs. 
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