Unigaz Oman Conducts Training Event on LPG Systems for Ministry of Defence Officials
Unigaz Oman recently organized a comprehensive training event titled "Practical Applications of LPG Systems in Business" for officials from the Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Defence. The training event aimed to enhance the participants' understanding of LPG systems and their practical implications in various business operations.

The event featured prominent industry experts who shared valuable insights and expertise on different aspects of LPG systems. The speakers covered a range of topics that provided a holistic understanding of LPG systems, their operations, and installation standards.

Unigaz Oman Operation Manager, Eng. Bassem Attar commenced the event by providing an overview of Unigaz Group and its operations in Oman. This session shed light on the company's significant contributions to the LPG sector and its commitment to delivering reliable and efficient LPG solutions.

Mr. Hilal Al Rawahi, from Al Salama Consultancy, then shared insights on the LPG Consultancy requirements in Oman. His presentation highlighted the importance of adherence to industry standards and regulations for the safe and effective utilization of LPG systems.

Eng. Essam Zaher, an esteemed expert, captivated the audience with his session on LPG, SNG, and NG systems operations, along with the corresponding installation standards outlined by the Civil Defence Authority. His comprehensive presentation deepened the participants' knowledge and provided them with the necessary tools to ensure the secure implementation of LPG systems.

Additionally, Manufacturing Expert in the field of Gasses Detection Systems for 27 years and Field Application Manager of Sensitron S.r.l., Mr. Sebastiano Salvatore also shared his expertise. He covered critical details related to Gas Detection Systems, including PL4+ (Control unit 4 channel), Smart 3G (Gas detector SMART 3G for Flammable gasses), and Smart 3 NC (Gas detector SMART 3G for Flammable gasses). Participants received insights into the installation and maintenance processes for these systems, as well as PL4 installation and programming procedures.

Following the informative sessions delivered by the speakers, an interactive Q&A session allowed the participants to gain additional insights. This open dialogue promoted an engaging atmosphere, fostering knowledge exchange among all attendees.

The event concluded with the distribution of certificates and gifts to the participants as a token of appreciation for their active participation and commitment to advancing their understanding of LPG systems.
Unigaz Oman remains committed to empowering professionals and organizations by providing valuable training opportunities. The company's dedication to promoting safety, efficiency, and sustainability in the LPG sector aligns with Oman's vision of driving economic growth through responsible business practices.

Check out pictures from the Event HERE.
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