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Unigaz Iraq Launches its Training Academy to Empower its Customers
In line with the intent to always pioneer in the gas industry, Unigaz constantly exerts efforts to develop the company, its clients, as well as the community overall.

With that, the company has proudly established the Unigaz Training Academy, which is an educational initiative that aims to share comprehensive gas-related knowledge to employees and customers. Launched in Unigaz Iraq-Baghdad, the program was successfully accredited by Al Rookal Co. for Engineering Inspection, one of the approved vendors by Gas Filling Company (GFC), that is in accordance with the regulatory standards set by the local government.

The Team in Iraq successfully held the Academy’s first training sessions where they covered a wide range of crucial topics, from defining LPG, its constituents, and discussing the components of an LPG system, to providing important general instructions and first aid tips when handling LPG.

Through conducting these sessions, Unigaz aims to enhance safety, ensure compliance with regulations, promote efficient usage, foster customer satisfaction and loyalty, encourage environmental awareness, and prepare customers to handle emergencies effectively.

Unigaz aspires to grow the Academy in terms of content, adding more courses, topics, and training sessions, as well as diversifying its presence across the MENA regions.

Although we can’t be certain about what the future holds, Unigaz is confident that this academy will always provide the necessary knowledge to properly acquire, manage, and utilize clean energy solutions.

Click here for pictures from the training session.
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