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Unigaz Iraq-Baghdad Embarks A New Journey of Global Impact
In an ever-changing world where energy solutions hold the key to progress, Unigaz emerges as a transformative force driven by a clear purpose.With that in mind, Unigaz not only emphasizes continuous expansion in all regions but also lends its support to projects that are progressive and empowering in nature.

Unigaz Iraq-Baghdad is proud to announce its successful entry into Kirkuk city, an accomplishment commenced by fueling Kirkuk Mall. Embodying the spirit of the city's flourishing commercial hub, this project serves as a vibrant center for commerce, recreation, and social gatherings, attracting a multitude of diverse visitors daily. Accordingly, it is apparent that providing a seamless and uninterrupted energy supply emerges as the best way to establish a positive, significant, and long-term impact within the region.

Unigaz Iraq-Baghdad takes center stage in this project, being a key supplier of LPG, and enabling a wide spectrum of operations and processes.

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, Unigaz remains resolute in its determination to expand further within Kirkuk City and across the MENA region. With a firm eye on sustainable growth, we envision a future where our contributions will continue to shape the energy landscape and elevate the quality of life for all people.
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