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Social CSR

Being part of 10 different communities, we continuously learn and evolve our social causes. 

Internally, we ensure a culture fluid and open setting to keep a healthy and productive work environment where everyone is working towards the same goal. We abide by transparency and believe it to be a vital aspect of our business. At Unigaz, efforts are recognized, achievements are celebrated and fun is encouraged.
Externally, Unigaz strives to invest responsibly by working on ground with social movements that help achieve sustainable growth, such as Nusaned. We work closely with our communities to better understand their priorities and concerns and support projects based on their needs, such as Maqasid al Islamiya.
Environmental CSR

Environmentally, we are committed to help the world move towards a lower-carbon future with cleaner energy solutions such as LPG. We act responsibly and abide by national laws and international standards while matching or surpassing global practices. We set our own meticulous performance quality standard that helps us understand our work’s environmental impact before, during and after our operations. 

Unigaz takes pride in its humble contributions to green activities and workings for a cleaner future.

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