Unigaz Unfolds a New Chapter of Energy Expansion
Drawing inspiration from its own journey towards success, Unigaz passionately strives to empower visionaries who seek to pioneer groundbreaking transformations. With unwavering enthusiasm, the company is also driven to extend its reach and envelop these regions, offering comprehensive clean energy solutions for all.

Guided by this, Unigaz Abu Dhabi takes immense pride in being a pivotal contributor in the conversion of Al Ain City to a sustainable haven.

Unigaz Abu Dhabi has successfully established a widespread presence across Al Ain City, providing energy solutions and services to a wide range of sectors from luxurious resorts and hospitals to thriving golf clubs, peaceful retreats, and bustling restaurants and coffee shops. These encompass a number of well-known names, including Al Ain Palace, Rotana Hotel, Al Asfar Resort, Al Sahra Resort, Pura Vida, Al Majlis Project, Noor Al Sahara Restaurant, La Brioche Restaurant, Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting, & Golf Club, and many more.

Our partnerships within Al Ain city stand as a testament reinforcing the idea that with visionary leadership and a commitment to the planet, a better, brighter, and greener future is not just a dream but rather a reality worth living.
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