Unigaz Lebanon Fuels Success with Admir
In the world of energy solutions, Unigaz emerges as a stalwart contributor, delivering holistic services. The Admir project, a monumental venture comprising 77 buildings with eight apartments each, is a testament to Unigaz's adaptability and capability to meet diverse energy needs, shaping the project's energy dynamics.

At the project's inception, Unigaz provided gas tanks and non-proprietary gas systems. However, as the Admir project evolved, so did Unigaz's role. Recently, the company spearheaded the provision of the entire gas system, assumed maintenance responsibilities, and contributed to the construction of new buildings, leaving an imperishable mark on every facet of the project

Unigaz's involvement in the Admir project transcends conventional gas supply, embodying a strategic partnership that addresses various needs. The Admir project not only signifies a milestone in Unigaz's portfolio but also cements the company's standing as a premier provider of comprehensive energy services in the industry.
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