Unigaz Baghdad’s Persistent Project Achievements During Covid-19
Covid-19 has not stopped Unigaz Baghdad’s dedicated team from delivering major projects in a timely manner, with the most recent one being the Al Shaab Residential Complex in the city of Al Shaab. With all approvals from the Iraq Gas Filling Company (GFC), Unigaz is handling a wide scope of work including the design, installation and supply of gas services for all 14 towers. The completion of the complex consists of two phases:
1. The first includes the finalization of 266 apartments in 8 towers with the tank area, which was delivered on time by Unigaz.
2. The second phase finishes 234 apartments in 6 towers which are currently under construction.

Awarded the project in 2019, Unigaz approved the primary design drawings and detailed samples of materials to be used by the GFC, and then began the HDPE installation for the complete project. After testing and approval, the internal network installation for phase one started and was delivered as per project timeline in December 2019. After that, in the midst of the Covid outbreak, Unigaz continued its operations and finalized the installation of the tank area which was then tested and approved by the GFC on the 15th of September 2020.

Al Shaab Residential Complex is the second project after Basmaya City that is tested and approved by the GFC for gas release and both projects are installed by Unigaz. As pioneers in the LPG market, Unigaz will always stay true to its promise of implementing the highest standards of quality in all its projects while abiding by punctuality and timely delivery with a devoted team of professionals.

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