Salesman Reward Program
At Unigaz, we are committed to creating a healthy and rewarding work environment for our staff. One of our main goals is to look for new initiatives that would motivate employees and consequently make them feel appreciated for their efforts.

We have recently launched our new “Salesman Reward Program” that is made to emphasize the importance of individual efforts and teamwork. We have established a set of KPIs that would assist in selecting the best performing salesman. At the end of each quarter, the best performing salesman in each entity will be rewarded monetarily in recognition of his/her accomplishments.

In addition to choosing the best salesman in each entity, there will also be an assessment for choosing the best salesman of the group! The salesman of the group will receive a monetary reward, along with immense recognition among his/her peers across all entities.

This program will help in enhancing the salesmen's soft skills such as product knowledge, negotiation, communication, presentation, and closing techniques. Salesmen will also focus on improving collaborative teamwork in order to win.
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