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Unigaz International, operating for the last 63 years in different entities across the Middle East and Africa, has implemented numerous LPG projects, in partnership with world class oil and gas companies such as ADNOC in Abu Dhabi, GASCO in Saudi Arabia, and others.

One of the company’s projects is currently under construction in Dora, Lebanon for a two year duration. It has been studied meticulously to ensure its environmental and social safety, and matched with legal licenses and approval from national authorities.

Unigaz continuously monitors its activities to make sure of its complementarity with international standards of safety and sustainability. We believe that its implementation is of added value to our community through providing employment opportunities and economic recovery.

With long years of experience, Unigaz has secured an impeccable record with zero incidents and casualties. That is mainly due to the unified way our policy and values work in quality, health, safety and environment. 

Having more than 3,000 staff members globally including Lebanon’s team, the commitment to our community and employees’ well being will never be jeopardized. 
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