“Managing Receivables & Credit Policies” training program at Unigaz Jordan
Because employees are Unigaz’s most valuable asset, continuous training programs are held to help them grow professionally and earn new soft, industry-related skills. For this purpose, Unigaz Jordan attended a training course for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Collection Departments entitled “Managing Receivables & Credit Policies” which was held on August 22-24, 2022 in Amman’s Chamber of Commerce.

This training program will assist Unigaz’s employees in identifying the different types of customer personalities and categorizing them for collecting receivables in an effective manner. It will also help them improve the efficiency of the management of receivables granted, and learn basic components and elements related to the company’s credit policy as well as the purpose of debt collection. Moreover, trainees will be able to better classify the company's receivables, identify the various reasons for the emergence of bad receivables, and more.

Upon the completion of the 3-day training, Unigaz Jordan employees gained significant skills related to the receivables industry which included collection methods, negotiation, classification and adoption of new policies.

This training will help Unigaz Jordan build a better foundation for dealing with the company's receivables while adopting and applying different methods and mechanisms learned from this course.
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