Switching from Diesel to LPG

Switching from Diesel to LPG


LPG is one of the cleanest conventional fuels available.


LPG has powerful temperature control, indefinite shelf life, compatibility & flexibility.


LPG is a truly multi-purpose energy source that could be transported by tanker, or in cylinders.

What is LPG?
Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), is not the future, but the better present. It is a highly accessible, efficient, clean & portable energy source that can be of great added value to consumers in numerous applications. This unique gas solution is naturally obtained & has a co-product origin of propane and butane. While 60% of LPG comes from oil production & natural gas, the remainder is recently produced from renewable sources & wastes. Its unique properties make it a versatile energy source that is widely used in many industrial applications and production processes while holding numerous benefits. 
Why LPG?

LPG has its perks in being costly efficient, saving up to 30-35% compared to Diesel. It also serves as a modern alternative for developing countries. LPG has a higher caloric value per unit which allows the flames to burn hotter, leading to less energy waste & higher usage efficiency. It is not limited to being transported through pipelines, making it a less vulnerable choice of supply.


LPG is a clean and efficient energy that offers value to the consumer, industry and environment. With low emissions, a direct effect on global warming, & no spilling, LPG is one of the cleanest conventional fuels available. LPG is a pioneer in producing less Co2 than coal, Heating Oil or Petrol and emitting no black carbon emissions. It is the perfect source for localized renewable power generation to better protect our environment and the world we live in.


LPG is abundantly available and can be easily transported through Ship/Road/Rail to be delivered everywhere needed, thus ensuring security of supply. Its wide variety of storage options make it uniquely versatile & accessible with no need of major infrastructure investments & changes.


You can save almost twice as much as the amount of consumption if you switched to LPG. 6 tons of LPG can do the job of 10 tons of diesel.


With LPG, you will save approximately 20% of CO2 emissions compared to Diesel. A simple switch can make a big environmental difference.

Simple Conversion Process with Unigaz
Put Your Trust in the Right Hands

By choosing Unigaz, you ensure a reliable source of LPG with its variance of professional services and quality equipment. Across the Middle East and Africa, Unigaz offers customized, secure and sustainable energy services & solutions. Unigaz operates and owns businesses specializing in the distribution, transportation and transport of oil derivatives and LPG. Across all entities and areas of expertise, our commitment and policy reflect the unified way we work in quality, health, safety, and environmental standards.

Reliable Service Supplier

Alongside supplying LPG, Unigaz takes responsibility in providing variant services including design, installation, and maintenance as well as an extensive range of gas accessories. It operates in 10 countries from the MENA region and Africa, taking each as a new market filled with opportunities and projects to set the path for the gas industry.

High Quality Standards

Unigaz is a pioneer in its field for its dedication towards excellence. In all its services and equipment, Unigaz’ professional team makes sure everything is in its best state of quality for an outcome that could please the clients.


As an advocate of clean energy, Unigaz is always pushing for advancing in technology and practices. With that said, Unigaz clients’ comfort and trust is the motivation that drives its continuous thrive.

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