Unigaz Lebanon Cultivates Synergy Through Purposeful Activities
Unigaz exemplifies unwavering dedication in fostering a united and motivated team, recognizing that this is an indispensable cornerstone for an ongoing path of success.

Given this pivotal perspective, Unigaz Lebanon joyously hosted a team building event, carefully curated to reinforce and celebrate the team’s consolidated spirit. During the event, the employees were encouraged to detach themselves from the usual formal context, in order to fully submerge themselves in this bonding experience and connect with each other on another level.

Amid the execution of this event, Unigaz Lebanon aimed to enhance communication, collaboration, interdependence, trust, and synergy within the team. Not only that, activities were also designed to enhance collective adaptability and resilience.

The event encompassed several parts, revolving around different tasks such as engaging in outdoor activities, completing a treasure hunt, commencing the successful completion of the event, and more. One of the highlights of the event, which held substantial benefits, was the team treasure hunt. Through this engaging activity, the teams were not only reminded of the utmost importance of collaborative effort but also the strategic significance of targeting small victories before conquering greater aspirations.

As the success of this event echoes through the Unigaz facilities, a crucial message now resonates with all of its internal community: “united we thrive, and together, we reach new heights”. Unigaz confidently embarks on a future full of boundless possibilities, towards greater achievements and prosperity.
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