Unigaz Lebanon Contributes To Providing Entertainment Through LPG
Unigaz is always trying to diversify the scope of projects that it undertakes, yet the quality of the overall services remains the same.

With that being said, Unigaz Lebanon has been proudly energizing one of the most popular meeting spots in Lebanon’s capital Beirut, The Foodie Land. Essentially, it is an open area concept where people can enjoy their food and drinks from a variety of food trucks in a friendly atmosphere. Not only that, this spot has been also recognized as an entertainment hub, through live streaming games, hosting events targeting different age groups, and setting their own kids playground.

To make all of this possible a great deal of energy is to be utilized, and Unigaz Lebanon has been able to fulfill all of these needs from turning on lights, to cooking meals, powering equipment, and much more. Hence, enabling The Foodie Land’s operations on a daily basis. This partnership was and will always be a big win in several ways, beyond just monetary gains. While The Foodie Land benefits from energy consumption that is clean, healthy, and safe, Unigaz Lebanon built connections within the industry.

Unigaz’s product and service quality guarantee businesses like Foodie Land, and their visitors, an exceptional overall experience. Our execution of work will be nothing but a positive testament that proves Unigaz’s credibility, professionalism, and most definitely, high quality.
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