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Unigaz Iraq-Kurdistan, Market Leader of the LPG Sector in Erbil
As Unigaz continues to lead with its top-notch gas systems installations using high quality material and procedures aligned with international standards, Unigaz Iraq dominated the LPG market in Erbil. The team’s perseverance paved the way for Unigaz to thrive by implementing its expertise on Erbil’s most distinguished projects.

Marking its latest endeavors, Unigaz Iraq-Erbil successfully energized one of Erbil’s most strategic residential projects, “Sky Towers”, by handling the supply, design, installation and maintenance of the LPG System. Moreover, with a strong belief in the significant opportunities in Erbil, Unigaz took it upon itself to implement its full fledged LPG installation to several commercial and residential projects “Empire World”, as well as, “The Boulevard”, lying in the heart of Erbil city, known as “Project of the Century”.

With another significant project added to its list, Unigaz Iraq-Erbil ‘s team was able to successfully finalize its exceptional LPG operations to the “Ganjan Life” towers.

Moreover, while following its strategy in expanding towards different sectors, Unigaz applied all LPG necessities to “Hilal Bricks”, one of the leading brick industries in Erbil, as well as “Van Steel” factory, thus expanding its customer base seeking variety and growth.

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