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Unigaz Iraq-Erbil Paving the Kurdish Youth Career Pathways
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Educating young talents and preparing them for what their future career life holds has always been a bold part of Unigaz’s mission, which is the reason behind the company’s investment in all sorts of knowledge-enhancing activities and events. For this purpose, and under the sponsorship of Unigaz Iraq-Kurdistan, the event “Student ​​Internship and Career Development'', Salahaddine University-Erbil, took place at the Sheraton Hotel where other companies were welcomed.

During the event, the university announced the launching of a new online career service platform tailored for Kurdish young talents to browse for potential internships and job vacancies at participating companies. This platform is supported by the Kurdistan Regional Government and Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research to ensure a solid ground for students’ future job hunt.

Unigaz Iraq-Kurdistan was one of the first companies to join this website, offering several training programs and job opportunities to those interested and who can add value to the growing gas industry with their educational knowledge and determination to thrive.

Unigaz always promises to do all it takes to invest in the Iraqi young talents and sustain a fruitful future for them by facilitating their career path.

Click here for the event's trailer video.

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