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Erbil Real Estate Invest Expo: A Triumph for Unigaz Group and Collaborative Ventures
Unigaz showcased its unwavering commitment to innovation and collaboration at the recent Erbil Real Estate Invest Expo. The exhibition, held from August 22-25, 2023 at Erbil, Iraq, was a resounding success for Unigaz and its affiliated companies.

The Expo served as an ideal platform for Unigaz to highlight its comprehensive expertise and extensive network. The exhibition provided a space for industry leaders, investors, and stakeholders to witness firsthand the strides made by Unigaz and its subsidiaries.

Underlining Unigaz Group's diverse portfolio and expansive reach, the group's subsidiary, Star Engineering, captured the spotlight with its cutting-edge solutions and pioneering contributions. Star Engineering, recognized for its excellence in design, exemplified Unigaz's dedication to delivering quality services across various sectors.

In a remarkable display of synergy, PSIC, a renowned generators company, joined forces with Unigaz to present their top-tier products. This partnership showcased the strength of collaboration and innovation, with both entities collectively adding value to the event and the industry as a whole.

"We are thrilled by the overwhelming response and success of our participation in the Erbil Real Estate Invest Expo," said Dr. Hawre Ghazi, Operations Manager of Unigaz Erbil. "Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and strategic partnerships has always been at the core of our operations. The event not only showcased our capabilities but also emphasized our dedication to driving growth and development."

Unigaz’s participation in the expo underscored its role as a driving force in the energy and infrastructure sectors, transcending boundaries and fostering collaborations that contribute to the advancement of these industries.

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