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First Middle East LPG Summit by Unigaz and WLPGA in Beirut

On the 26th of April, Beirut hosted the First Middle East LPG Regional Summit 2018 which was organized by the World LPG Association and Unigaz Company, and attracted more than 350 attendees from 25 countries primarily the Arab world, Latin America, USA, Europe and representatives from Asia. The summit was attended by global renowned LPG leaders from the private and public sector who came together to discuss major energy trends with focal attention on LPG and the impact of these trends on the Middle Eastern region. The summit has also tapped into the opportunities represented in the LPG industry as well as tackling the challenges that are hindering the industry growth which was a great opportunity to spot the light on certain issues that called for the necessity of collaboration between the private and public sector to overcome.

One of the most remarkable sessions held was the one related to the regulatory framework that witnessed a special presence of the Saudi market that is currently in the process of opening up for competition while best examples were given from senior representatives from well developed markets like Brazil and Morocco. Based on the WLPGA feedback, the ME LPG Regional Summit 2018 witnessed an outstanding success from all aspects of the event which was concluded with recommendations that hopefully will be followed up through annual conferences and events specifically for MENA region. Together, the WLPGA and Unigaz have closed the summit with the below Major Recommendations:

  1. Looking at the energy trends in the region and globally, the future outlook of LPG is promising with spacious room for improvement.
  2. Various growth conditions are in place that should be utilized to ensure the development of the sector.
  3. Based on the successful outcomes, WLPGA takes responsibility to expand its presence in the region to help in knowledge transferring between the world and the Middle Eastern region, while Unigaz – as an industry member in the association – will help in making this happen.
  4. Crucial need for the private sector to proactively collaborate with the public sector as it’s a must in developing the sector.
  5. It was highly recommended as well by the WLPGA to build on the success of the summit by establishing national and regional associations in the Middle East that will work in light of the WLPGA global framework cascaded on the region’s needs and regulations.

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