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Understanding the market as well as the industry

Experts in Market Due Diligence

Given the rapid expansion rate of Unigaz to new territories and regions, one of the core expertise of Unigaz is the know-how of building a solid market due diligence that based on it the business planning phase will come next as well as the financial assessments.

This has also provided a wealth of information for Unigaz team on new territories’ rules and regulations as well as enriching the understanding on how to do businesses in different markets with different characteristics.

Steps of Unigaz Market Due Diligence:

  • Initial Desk Research on Territory and its Characteristics
  • On-ground research and market visits while understanding the local implementation of the business value chain as well as the key stakeholders involved from public to private entities
  • Creating Market Development Strategy along with the proposed recommended business model
  • Drawing financial models and assessments

Industrial Expertise

Given our wide portfolio of industries that we provide gas solutions to them, we have developed a good understanding of the industrial channel needs.

However, and part of leveraging this understanding towards offering customized solutions, we adopted 2 approaches that help us tackle new industries and learn more about it.

LPG Mapping

Complete analysis and research on where LPG is being used and in what kind of application. This is done is partnership with global data centers.

Case Studies

Building up a unique case study for each industry to understand how Unigaz added value to its overall production process.