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From Home-Scale System to City-Scale Network
Due to their flexibility and their relevant high safety compared to other fuel sources, LPG and NG are the most used fuel sources in residences for cooking, heating, drying, lighting and grilling.

We at Unigaz offer the FEED Design of LPG Central Gas Systems for Residential Towers, Compounds, Apartments, Villas and Residential Communities while maintaining the Highest Safety & Security Hospitality & Residential Sectors include:

  • Design of the Complete LPG Systems including the Calculation of LPG Storage Requirements.
  • Installation of Complete LPG Bulk Storage Tanks or Cylinder Systems.
  • Gas Piping Installation.
  • Vaporization Units.
  • Gas Detection Systems.
  • Remote level and Pressure Indicators.
  • Gas Metering with Remote Reading.
Because of its distinct advantages over other fuels and energy sources, it's efficiency, versatility, instant heat, controllable flame and clean burning qualities, LPG remains to be one of the most preferred energy sources in the Hospitality Sector. Many Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Fast Food Outlets, Caterers, Clubs, Malls and Schools use LPG to operate their cookers, ovens, barbeques, cabinet heaters and patio heaters. For these clients, we offer Safe, Hygienic & Cost-Controlled LPG Systems.
Part of our success in this channel relies on the deep understanding we build around each type of industry in the world in order to:

  • Tackle new industries that haven’t considered LPG previously.
  • Understanding its production processes and their need for heat.
Our scope of offering for factories and industrial equipment requiring the use of LPG and NG (such as turbines, power generators, burners, boilers, furnaces, molding machines, incinerators, etc.) includes the Complete Design and Installation of the gas system and its materials.

Our scope of supply for industrial clients includes:

  • Conducting HAZOP Studies as per client requirements
  • Design, Procurement and Installation of all required equipment such as LPG Storage Tanks, Piping Networks, Pumping Stations, Compressors, Vaporizers, Pressure, Temperature Controls, Gas Detection & Fire Fighting Systems.
One of the core expertise of Unigaz is the construction of city-scale gas networks for the fast evolving landscape in the Middle East and in certain areas of Africa. Such projects include thousands of residential units, business parks, entertainment facilities, and public sector services. Unigaz offers the Complete Design, Procurement and Construction of LPG, SNG & NG Networks for Cities and Communities including:

  • Innovative calculation to optimize the system
  • Installation of Piping Networks (HDPE, Steel)
  • Storage plants
  • Mixing Plants (SNG)
  • Pressure Regulation Stations
  • Vaporization Units
  • Metering Systems
  • Fire Fighting Systems
Ensuring the smooth and flawless operation of the network is a focal point for Unigaz success.

  • Managing network connections to end-users
  • Reading and billing services
  • Customer Service
Maintaining a gas system’s availability is crucial to ensuring an efficient facility operation. Whether it is for a factory, catering company, restaurant, hotel, housing compound or any other facility, we understand the criticality from a client’s perspective for minimizing the repair time and the downtime occurrences of their system. With a team of highly skilled services personnel available for 24 hours round the clock - 365 days all year round, Unigaz consistently provides its customers with quality support throughout a system’s lifetime.

Our offered services for operation and maintenance are comprehensive and include:

  • Annual, quarterly & monthly preventive maintenance contracts
  • On call & emergency corrective maintenance
  • Facility operation contracts including refilling management, operations management, metering management, customer billing, and others

Taking the Success Further with WEYYAK:

Extending way beyond the traditional O&M scope, Unigaz offers Weyyak (translation of: “With you” in Arabic) Service Spectrum that provides different support and activity at each network phase be it LPG, SNG, or NG:

  • Consulting on Designing Phase
  • Controlling during Execution Phase
  • Controlling during Commissioning Phase
  • Operating the network during on-going Phase
  • Marketing the network to occupants and targeted companies based on Unigaz in-depth knowledge in gas applications and usage across different sectors especially those industrial.