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One of our core expertise lies in designing, installing and maintaining central gas systems equipped with latest technologies and abided by international safety standards. Be it LPG, SNG or Natural Gas, from a single house to a complete city scale network, we can help you!


Unigaz Central Gas System Residential


Due to its flexibility and its high safety compared to other fuel sources, LPG is a common used fuel source for cooking, heating, drying, lighting and grilling. Our central gas systems perfectly fit in:

  • Residential Towers / Apartments (Metering)
  • Residential Compounds (Metering)
  • Standalone Villas

Our central gas systems are equipped with convenient metering systems and can be connected to your building BMS system.


Unigaz Central Gas System Hospitality


LPG remains to be one of the most preferred energy sources in the Hospitality Sector due to its versatility, instant heat, controllable flame and clean burning quality. Key aspects that we look for when designing our central gas system are: Safe, Hygienic, and Cost-Controlled

Major types of businesses we provide this solution for are:

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Caterers and Food Courts in malls
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Institutional i.e. Schools and Universities


Unigaz Central Gas System Industrial


Our scope of offering for factories and industrial equipment requiring the use of LPG for turbines, power generators, burners, boilers, furnaces, molding machines, incinerators, etc. includes the complete design and Installation of the gas system and its materials. Our scope of work for industrial clients includes:

  • Conducting HAZOP Studies as per client requirements
  • Design, Procurement and Installation of all required equipment such as LPG Storage Tanks, Piping Networks, Pumping Stations, Compressors, Vaporizers, Pressure, Temperature Controls, Gas Detection & Fire Fighting Systems.

City Gas Network

Unigaz is the first regional gas company in the Middle East to provide City Gas Network solutions for newly built cities and under construction communities. Such projects include thousands of residential units, business parks, entertainment facilities, and public sector services. Unigaz offers the Complete Design, Procurement and Construction of such Networks.

We are a turnkey solution provider of Diesel Fuel Management Systems for Retail, Bulk and Emergency Power Backup Systems. Our diesel fuel management systems are available in many configurations designed to suit most site conditions. Our highly advanced designing skills enable us to deliver solutions that can integrate with the existing equipment on your site or even provide a complete package including fuel dispensers.

Unigaz Central Fuel Management Systems



Whether you want a single fuel pump or a complete network of fuel management systems, we will go the extra mile to meet your requests. We place emphasis on product specification and delivering just the right products, all of which demonstrate a unique combination of reliability, suitability and affordability.

  • Day Tank: UL listed double wall fuel tank from 25 gallons capacity up to 1000 gallons with all accessories and connections.
  • Pumps: Simplex, Duplex, and Triplex
  • Level Gauges: includes tank measurement and overfill prevention sensors
  • Fuel System Controllers: includes multi-function and mid-range controllers.
  • Leak Detectors


We provided fuel systems to various types of facilities including those critical facilities that requires certain set of standards. 

  • Common facilities: including residential and hospitality customers
  • Fuel Filling Stations
  • Marine Fuel Filling Stations
  • Critical Facilities: including Telecom operators, Military Bases, and Industrial facilities.

No matter how complicated the gas system is, Unigaz provides management, operation and maintenance services to all kinds of gas networks i.e. LPG, SNG, and Natural Gas.



O&M: Operations

Unigaz primary focus is to ensure the existing network or system is operated efficiently and seamlessly. Our success is passed on through:

  • Full management of the network and the connections to end-users.
  • Deployment of back-up systems at end-users
  • Refilling Management including 3rd party
  • Advanced reading and billing services (metering management)
  • Customer service

O&M: Maintenance

Maintaining a gas system’s availability is crucial to ensure an efficient facility operation. We understand the criticality from a client’s perspective for minimizing the repair time and the downtime occurrences of their system. With a team of highly skilled team available around the clock - all year round, Unigaz consistently provides its customers with quality support throughout a system’s lifetime. 

 Our offered services for maintenance are comprehensive and include:

  • Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs)
  • Periodic Preventive Checks
  • On call & emergency corrective maintenance 

Switching to LPG is represented by Unigaz CLIC Initiative (Continuous LPG Initiative for Conversion). This initiative has become stronger with the recent movement on global and national levels towards greener environments to reduce the carbon footprint. LPG is an environmental friendly fuel and in the same time more reliable and efficient.

In each country we operate in, we help various industries and business sectors i.e. Hospitals, Hotels, Bakeries, and most importantly Factories to shift their heat generation from Diesel to LPG in order to have:

  • Higher Efficiency in Heat Generation
  • Cleaner Work Environment
  • Less CO2 emissions on business level
  • Cost Effective in terms of value and equipment’s lifetime

Unigaz Switch to LPG



There are hundreds of applications that require an energy source for its operations. Choosing LPG will guarantee a better heating value and higher burning efficiency, and that’s why we promote across different sectors for different usage within their value chain:

  • Industrial Businesses – Common Usage: Drying, Molding, and Steam Generation
  • Agricultural Sector – Common Usage: Heat Generation and Drying
  • Hospitality Sector – Common Usage: Baking and Laundry
  • Energy / Power – Common Usage: Electricity Generation
  • Sports / Outdoors / Recreation – Common Usage: Heating and Lighting 
  • Public Sector – Common Usage: Waste Management, Lighting, and Power Generation

For more, visit Exceptional Energy on 


We believe that in order for CLIC to succeed we should be partnering with strong and reliable partners and suppliers that will complete our offering to our valuable customers. These partners provides the burners and boilers needed to help converting the system quickly and cost-effectively.

Most demanded line:

  • Gas Burners
  • Dual Burners: Gas – Diesel
  • Dual Burners: Gas – Fuel Oil

Success Stories

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Selected Projects

Boulevard Mall


Design and Installation of LPG and Diesel Systems


Boulevard Mall is located to the north of Doha directly facing the Al Shamal Road. It will have 3 floors of retail space over basement, ground and mezzanine. The total gross leasable area is approximately 620,000 sqft and will include hypermarket, cinema, and family entertainment center.


Unigaz Qatar scope includes the design, supply and installation of the full LPG Gas System and the Standby Diesel Sysems for the entire mall space.

Coast Guard Base - Smaisma


Design, and Install Standby Diesel System


The Qatari Coast Guard Base in Smaisma.


Unigaz Qatar cope of works includes design, supply & installation of standby diesel system for power generation for 16 substations at the coast guard military base in Smaisma. The project involves the main tanks for 21 heavy duty power generators, total tanks capacity 370,000 Liters.

Selected Case Studies

Gas delivered straight to you, wherever you are!

25 minutes from the heart of Doha, a luxurious and breathtaking island is located, Banana Island. A hideaway with resorts, restaurants and other utilities. Supplying gas to this island was a challenge in terms of convenient logistics which Unigaz was able to overcome with its technical expertise. Download the case study to learn how we did it.  


Banana Island - Qatar


Design and install LPG network and delivering LPG through