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Unigaz Cares

An initiative designed to encourage Unigaz employees in all countries to give back to their community. Our team has been involved in several community service activities that we are proud of:

Active contributors to Arc en Ciel
(Non-profit NGO)

Blood donation with DSC

Care for Environment with Lebanon
Climate Act (Green Mind Award)


Well defined training matrix that responds to all needs of Unigaz employees across different functions and levels. Conducted by either external experts or internal experts within Unigaz Group, UniCollege training matrix is a skill-based matrix split as below.

soft skills training

  • Leadership Training
  • Customer Service
  • Project Management

hard skills training

  • LPG and Central Gas Systems
  • Gas Distribution
  • Technical Training on: Bobtails, Tanks, Telemetry, Detection, Pumps and Compressors, etc...
  • Welding Training: Steel and Polyethylene

computer skills training

  • Microsoft Office
  • AutoCad
  • CRM / SalesForce