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Cylinder Filling and Distribution

Cylinder business was one of the first businesses that Unigaz was engaged in since establishment. This business is the core of the LPG industry and directly connected to end-users. Unigaz Gas Cylinder Filling and Distribution Services are available in several countries of Unigaz operations. Unigaz success in cylinder business is based on:

  • Long history and expertise in this business segment
  • Automated filling systems with carrousels up to 24 cylinders
  • Multiple distribution channels composed of big trucks of 100 cylinders and small trucks of 24 cylinders, vending points and even vending machines in certain locations.
  • Solid network of cylinder distributors in each country where the service is active
  • Advanced CRM and call-center operations that ensures a satisfied end-user.

Taking the Success Further with GASCOM:
Building on our expertise and excellence in operating the cylinder business and managing its distribution chain, Unigaz has recently established a management platform named as GASCOM that is meant to provide a regulatory service to cylinder distribution operators from the public or private sectors.

Major Focus Points covered by GASCOM scope:

  • Geographical Sales Control
  • Cylinder Transport and Movement Control
  • Safety of Logistics and Handling
  • End-Users awareness
  • Agents (distributors) management
  • Order Handling