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Beirut Marina – Zaitouna Bay


Design, Installation, Gas Supply and Maintenance


Installing efficient gas network for Beirut Marina – Zaitouna Bay to supply gas to all restaurants and facilities in the marina.


More than 17 connection points to the restaurants and cafes available with metering system. And because we understand the criticality of gas availability for our clients, we installed an underground central tank that is supplied with gas periodically in a way to ensure 100% availability 24/7 all year round.

Selected Case Studies

Shifting from Diesel to LPG in Bakeries

At Unigaz, we strive to transform operations in different industries to cleaner and healthier environment, especially those operating in the food industry. On top of our list in Unigaz Lebanon are the industrial bakeries. Download our case study to know more about it.




Shifting from Diesel to LPG

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